Belly Breathing

Most people don't know the basics of healthy breathing. We're a culture of chest breathers which means we’re kind of adrenalin junkies. High chest breathing occurs when you are frightened or panicking yet we use this kind of fear-based breathing all the time in our daily lives. We're taught to suck our stomachs in and wear tight belts and this forces us to breathe high up in our chests. The body becomes more ridged. Relaxing and being more comfortable in the body becomes nearly impossible.
It's also hard to relax your genitals when you're holding in your stomach. And in light of that, it's very difficult to tighten and hold your genitals when your stomach is full of breath. So relaxing your belly and your breathing is a good idea for facilitating bliss states, full sexual expression and orgasm. A relaxed belly leads to a relaxed attitude which leads to a more relaxed life.

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Galip Turpan said...

Thank you very much Suzie for the valuable information about right breathing technique. I have been searching the rigth technique for a long time. Thank you very much. God Bless You.