Great Video Conversations with a Teaching Couple

I had a fantastic Saturday afternoon filming session with Patricia Johnson and Mark Michaels from TantraPM. We divided the conversations up into five categories; the Esoteric aspects of Tantra, Kundalini and energy, Tantric sex, the sensuous, sensual aspects of sacred sex a la the Kama Sutra and some discussion of asanas and sexual positions.
Patricia and Mark commented that they had never done such an indepth interview/conversation before. Most interviews, on any subject, are general because each radio or television program that is doing the interviewing is in need of a basic understanding for their listeners/viewers. We can go much deeper at Tantra.com.
I'm hoping to have the programs edited in the next few weeks so we can get them online to enjoy. I'm really looking forward to hearing our conversations again as I edit.
Stay tuned.

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