Expanding Neural Networks Through Sex

In a Tantra.com survey from 2000, 2,400 people answered this question: “Have you ever had a mystical, out-of-body or Kundalini experience?” Twenty-four percent said ‘Yes’. Of that twenty-four percent, seven percent said they had had the experience during sexual activity. I have had two Kundalini experiences in my life and they both came directly after having had a long, Tantric sex ritual with my husband. They came right after sex and I have always attributed them to the expansion and openness I felt after the long, ritual sexual experiences.

In neural science there is a concept called ‘gating’. If you imagine a gateway and hordes of people trying to get through it from one side, it’s obvious that only, say, five people can get through at a time no matter what you do. But if the gate is made bigger more people can get through and more quickly, too. This is the concept at work when we ‘train’ our body/mind/soul to receive more; more pleasure and a greater capacity for experiencing any given moment in time. The more we receive, enjoy, acknowledge and repeat an experience the more our gates grow and open to receive more of it. And the more we can remain in the ‘present’ with the experience the more we can use it to train ourselves to pay attention in life.

You'll just have to have some long sex rituals and open up YOUR gates to see if this is true!

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