Keeping Intentions Grows Your Brain

I'm reading about and thinking about setting intentions and keeping intentions. It turns out that people who have more self-control have an area in their brains that is more highly developed than those who do not keep their promises to themselves. And because our brains are so 'plastic' it is possible for each of us to increase this area of our own brains by practicing more self-control. Ok, 3 choc-covered almonds, not five!

Why would we want to do this? Self-control sounds like a dirty word sometimes but if you finesse it to harness its power then you have a tool in your basket that can help you discern and stick to the kinds of things that will make you happier about your life and yourself.

A few researchers have discovered that we can actually increase the size of areas of our brain when we exercise them. This is a hot topic these days. Exercise simply means using them more and so the more you might use the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (this is the area that is bigger in people who have more self-control) the better you will be at, well, using it to help yourself with the things you want.

What do you want? Do you want to study Tantra, have a successful dieting plan, add an exercise regimen to your life, grow your business or maybe go back to school? By planning and then executing your plan in a way that helps you to stick with it to make the most of your life you’ll be feeling good about yourself and helping your brain to grow too. By the way, if your answer included studying Tantra then you might want to investigate our learning area Tantra.com’s Premium Membership. It is designed to help you help yourself to knowledge and mastery. And it might even increase your brain size!

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