Women's Tantric Breathing and Orgasm

Women's Tantric Breathing and Orgasm

Women who don't orgasm easily often hold their breath as they get more turned on. As they approach a kind of transition stage on the way to peak arousal, say a 7 or 8 on a scale of 10, they will often hold their breath, and then nothing happens.

The result is that the energy must be build up again, only to have the same thing happen repeatedly. It becomes difficult to smoothly transition to the next level of sensations.

As arousal gets going in women, they often will begin to breathe a little faster. If they become aware of their breath they can then begin to "drive" the experience by purposely doing faster focused breathing to increase blood flow and arousal.

It helps, exactly as meditation does, to focus the energy and move from a sense of separateness to one of being merged with the energy.

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