Got Chakras?

I think about my charkas all of the time. They’re kind of ingrained in my mind. I have a relationship with my charkas. They inform me about how I’m doing, what I might want to shift about what I’m doing, how to perfect a certain posture or attitude, when to connect my heart with my powerful drive and more things like that. By using the understanding I have of my chakras in these ways I can promote my own better wellbeing.

One of the best ways I get in touch with my charkas is to sit and breathe from the base of my spine up to my crown, following my spine all the way up with my mind and breath. During each slow breathe in I quickly visualize each chakra as the breath moves through and past it. I will often do my Kegels, or more precisely bandas ( a banda is a lock of the PC muscles and the anal muscles), in a seven-step sequence to correspond to my charkas and breath movement up the spine. It’s easy to learn to do this and very effective to help learn to visualize the chakras more fully.

This all works especially well during intercourse as I can imagine the energy and upward thrusting coursing through my body and up towards my head. I can move the energy freely and effortlessly because I’ve had my solo practice. Even when it comes to simple belly breathing it’s very important to do some of the basic Tantric practices solo. Don’t expect to be able to be in full command of your mind and body if you haven’t done some practice by yourself!

If you’d like to learn more about the charkas here’s a good overview of them:

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