Belly Breathing

Most people don't know the basics of healthy breathing. We're a culture of chest breathers which means we’re kind of adrenalin junkies. High chest breathing occurs when you are frightened or panicking yet we use this kind of fear-based breathing all the time in our daily lives. We're taught to suck our stomachs in and wear tight belts and this forces us to breathe high up in our chests. The body becomes more ridged. Relaxing and being more comfortable in the body becomes nearly impossible.
It's also hard to relax your genitals when you're holding in your stomach. And in light of that, it's very difficult to tighten and hold your genitals when your stomach is full of breath. So relaxing your belly and your breathing is a good idea for facilitating bliss states, full sexual expression and orgasm. A relaxed belly leads to a relaxed attitude which leads to a more relaxed life.

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Pushing Your Edges - Gently

“Don’t reject anything you are experiencing. Meet it instead with a brief moment of non-judgmental awareness – touching it and letting it be.” From Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships by John Welwood
Tantric practice invites us to push our boundaries, just a bit, so that we experience something new and unique, not about the ‘thing’ we do but about the way in which we experience and then handle the situation. There is a profound practice that is essential for any Tantrica – nonjudgmental witnessing. It looks like this: “I’m noticing that I’m beginning to raise my voice.” or “I’m really feeling grateful and happy right now.” Period. Nothing more - nothing less. It isn’t: “I’m raising my voice and that’s going to get me in trouble.” That statement is judgmental and inflicts a little ‘ding’ on your psyche whenever you speak it to yourself. In the same respect, it isn’t this either: “I’m really feeling grateful and happy right now and I deserve it.” Yes, you deserve it but even adding that piece to the simple acknowledged presence of the ‘feeling’ contains elements of judgment.
This is a practice that helps you pay attention to how you are feeling, to what your gut is telling you. You already know, in your psyche, that that means you are becoming angry or that you are feeling proud of being deserving. You can go on to simply notice that fact. Don’t judge your self, don’t think about what you should-of, could-of done, don’t do anything to take yourself out of the ‘feeling’ mode of the witnessing.
When this ‘witnessing’ becomes second nature it will nurture your spirit and lead you to greater understanding of who you are. There is no higher goal in life than to find out the details of the real you. That is the beginning of a beautiful relationship – you loving you!


Foreskin, Thrusting Patterns and Slowing Down

Ever wonder why the penis has a head on it? Why isn't it just a smooth surface all the way to the body? Yes, the foreskin has to attach somewhere and foreskin does protect the sensitive tissue there but the Taoists have another idea about it. It’s there for more pleasure – a woman’s pleasure.
Notice that the top side of the penis, at the head, is a little thicker than the under side.
In sex positions where the two lovers are facing each other, it’s this top area that rubs against the woman’s G-spot on both the in and the out thrusts. Remember that the G-spot, or G-area, is only about 1 to 1 ½ inches inside of her yoni. On the out stroke, during intercourse, the man's foreskin is pulled slightly, back over towards the head, and bunches up against this thick ridge area thus creating more bulk. A very slow out-stroke is the connection point for G-spot orgasms.
With this in mind, adopt some new thrusting patterns that take this into account.
Shallow and sloooooow is the name of the game, here. So try this pattern based on nines: Start with 8 thrusts shallow and one thrust deep, then 7 shallow and 2 deep until you get to all deep thrusts. Then reverse the pattern: with 8 deep and 1 shallow until you get to all shallow thrusts.
Guys, this techniques will help you last longer, too, while focusing your attention on her pleasure. You’ll begin to be able to ‘read’ her reactions and arousal better and tune your lovemaking to bring her to ecstasy every time. Gals, this is the kind of detailed information that most men respond to. Share it with your guy, even if they are circumcised, there is big benefit to slowing down on the out-stroke!
Send me reports on how this works for you.


Great Video Conversations with a Teaching Couple

I had a fantastic Saturday afternoon filming session with Patricia Johnson and Mark Michaels from TantraPM. We divided the conversations up into five categories; the Esoteric aspects of Tantra, Kundalini and energy, Tantric sex, the sensuous, sensual aspects of sacred sex a la the Kama Sutra and some discussion of asanas and sexual positions.
Patricia and Mark commented that they had never done such an indepth interview/conversation before. Most interviews, on any subject, are general because each radio or television program that is doing the interviewing is in need of a basic understanding for their listeners/viewers. We can go much deeper at Tantra.com.
I'm hoping to have the programs edited in the next few weeks so we can get them online to enjoy. I'm really looking forward to hearing our conversations again as I edit.
Stay tuned.