From the early followers of the Kama Sutra to today’s sexologists in-the-know, the art of Pompoir is well-known for its benefits. Health, wellbeing and erotic pleasure are just some of the extras it offers.
Pompoir is the art of squeezing his parts with your parts. To learn this ancient art first learn to do Kegel exercises. Those are the sexercises that strengthen the PC or Pubococcygeal muscle – that muscle that starts and stops the flow of urine. The benefits are numerous: easier childbirth, bladder control, erotic self-stimulation without genital contact and, of course, more pleasure for you and your partner during intercourse.
Once you’ve got Kegel exercises down, surprise him during lovemaking with “The Squeeze.” Vary the sensations by exploring thrusting patterns that incorporate shallow and deep penetration along with the gripping and letting go. With some practice you'll be able to tell the different areas inside your Yoni and your orgasms will increase in strength too.
Some women can even learn to hold so tightly - they will have their lover begging for mercy!

A Little Powerful Breath Exercise

It’s 11:30am on Wednesday. You’ve got a 1:00pm lunch appointment, there’s that call you need to make and the report due before lunch, and YOU KNOW you’re at your best in the morning.
You take a deep breath into your belly and close your eyes as you feel your breath fall back away from your body. Imagine a moment in time when you melted under the touch of your lover. When every fiber of your being was focused and suspended in ecstasy.
Imagine that feeling now, noticing the warmth of your genitals. Begin slowly squeezing your vaginal muscles, pulsing and feeling your passion grow. Bring your mind to stillness, as you pump, and hold the vision of “I am perfection”.
Pump a little faster and breathe a little faster - 100 pulses.
A last, deep breath in, hold, hold – and as you slowly release the breath, feel your passion and gratitude for all you have wash over you like a Hawaiian waterfall.
11:35am – Wow – five minutes! Refreshed, turned-on, pumped-up and completely confident – you move powerfully into accomplishing your commitments!
-Work up to 200,
-Add 20 s-l-o-w- ones,
-Try this sequence on your lover,
-Do it anytime you need to access your sexual energy!
Try this sometime and let me know what happens. It's a good practice to wake you right up! Send me feedback please.

Tantra – weaving life, love, consciousness and sex – 24/7.

Oxytocin and the Interplay of Relating

Significant new studies are showing the complexity of the world of neurochemicals that make up our bodies, minds and souls. Fascinating studies on the neuropeptide oxytocin are showing its importance in pair-bonding between lovers, families and friends. It is also being singled out for its role in the more feminine trait of ‘tending and relating’ in the face of adversity. Fight or flight, in the face of stress, seems to be a more male trait and may have something to do with the interplay of testosterone levels and oxytocin levels. Estrogen, on the other hand, enhances the affects of oxytocin and helps to promote the brain’s use of oxytocin to create win-win scenarios.

Reactions to stress factors are smaller and pass faster in people under the influence of higher levels of oxytocin. Estrogen enhances oxytocin release and androgens like testosterone mitigate it. It may be that as women age (the degree of free testosterone in their bodies and brains increases as estrogen compounds decrease) they become less attached to their long-term love relationships, especially if they are strained. They seek friends, family and, sometimes, new mates so as to increase their levels of oxytocin. All of this is unconscious, of course, but helps us understand the movement of humans in the relationship love dance.

Oxytocin may be why men seek more sex partners than women tend to. Women produce more oxytocin, in more ways than men, and it helps them create bonding relationships of all kinds. It induces trust, intimacy, reaching to help others and reduces stress so it only seems natural that men would seek, unconsciously, of course, their own ways of increasing the supply of it to their brains. Because men have access to oxytocin during orgasmic pleasure and, in smaller amounts, through intimate relating like kissing and cuddling, they would seek these behaviors naturally. Women, on the other hand, have more opportunity to experience the oxytocin high through not only orgasm and cuddling but through nursing, childbirth and general friendship tending. They just are more ‘wired’ for the production of oxytocin because it is biologically necessary for bonding them to friends and family.

There are several companies experimenting with low-level oxytocin sprays that may be out on the market in a few years. What will that do to the world of love and bonding and connection? In a society that prides itself on innovation, where is this taking us and how will it benefit, detour or cause problems in the human striving to love and be loved? In the face of free-will corporate profits, I’m sure we’ll be finding out soon enough.


Small Study on Mood Benefits of Yoga

Finally, the scientific community is studying some of the strong, anecdotal evidence that Yoga produces calmer, happier people. A small, new study on Yoga and health benefits just announced that the amount of a substance in our bodies – GABA – goes up 27% in people who meditate versus reading a book. GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) is a neurotransmitter that makes us feel better. Concentrations of this neurotransmitter were at significantly higher levels throughout the brain areas that respond to it in MRSI scans after the one hour Yoga period. Their findings suggest that yoga, and perhaps other forms of exercise, should be investigated as a complementary treatment for depression and anxiety disorders, which are commonly associated with low levels of GABA. This is definitive news on how Yoga, and probably exercise, orgasm and maybe even meditation, can benefit all of us.
Further studies will include a look at general exercise as a comparison to Yoga to see if any qualifications can be used to further define what exactly is happening to the brain and the presence of GABA. I’m hoping they look at meditation and visualization too. Other recent scientific studies have pointed to the fact that you can simply ‘think’ or ‘visualize’ to actual ‘optimize’ the benefits you get from your regular exercise. Imagine yourself pushing your own envelope and it will happen!