A Simple Practice to Expand Pleasure

The whole body, and every inch of skin, is the most complex erogenous zone there is. There are men and women who can orgasm just by touching a specific spot on their body without any genital touching. You can train yourself to activate your skin, or any other part of your body, to assist in orgasmic pleasure. Engaging the mind in this practice will help improve your ability to expand your experience, too.
When you are in sexual activity, and especially during genital stimulation, try adding a new erogenous spot to your repertoire so that your brain will connect that spot with pleasure in the future. Consciously focus on the touch you are receiving in that new area and spread the feeling throughout your body by visualizing the expansion. An example of this would be gently massaging and stroking the breasts, and area between the breasts where the heart chakra is, while pleasuring the yoni or lingam. By doing this you will be spreading the erotic energy to the chest and body cavity and you will be putting focus away from the genitals. This activates the heart area. When next the heart is stroked it is a good bet that the person will feel the expansion of energy in their genitals, too. By expanding these practices the concepts of what is erotic and pleasurable expand limitlessly to include that which wouldn't normally look or feel erotic. That is the realm of transformation to full embodiment of finding pleasure in places that you wouldn't normally look for it. It is everywhere all at once and in everything you do.

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