What Do Singing, Throats, Orgasm and the Vagus Nerve Have To Do With It?

It’s fairly gorgeous in Sonoma County this time of year and the days are getting warmer. This afternoon I rode in my car with my windows down and the radio blasting. The song was Tina Turner’s What’s Love Got To Do With It. It doesn’t matter as much what song it was as that it is a full-throated, lusty song, one that you have to open up your mouth to sing and open it big. And you have to open up your throat, too.

When we open up to sing that fully, especially songs that have a deep, lower resonance to them, we are triggering and using our vagus nerve. The vagus nerve is a big one. It’s long and it branches a lot of times as it snakes throughout our body. You can look it up on any resource site to understand it better.

But what those research sites don’t say is that not only does it innervate the throat and chest, it is directly connected to the cervix and uterus. What does this mean for women’s pleasure? Beverly Whipple and Barry Komisaruk have investigated the vagus nerve and deep vaginal orgasms in women who have spinal cord injuries. This spinal cord compromise causes them to lack feeling in their lower extremities, thus not allowing them the capability to feel orgasms by other nerve structures. The vagus nerve doesn’t travel through the spinal cord, however. Deep, penetrative sexual activities trigger orgasm via this nerve, even in these women, and they can feel the orgasms.

Here is what I am speculating: That opening up the mouth, chest cavity and orgasmic capacities via the vagus nerve may lead to powerful orgasms and possibly multiples and female ejaculation. When women emit deep, low sounds from their abdomens and with their mouths wide open this can sometimes lead to longer lasting, powerful orgasms and even female ejaculation. This all makes sense if you consider that the vagus nerve connects all of these functions, throat, chest, cervix and uterus, and that when they are utilized to the fullest extent of the nerve, and all of its endings, the nerve becomes so activated that it produces out of body pleasure that is more than the sum of its parts, so to speak.

I had a direct transmission of this ‘action’ years ago from Caroline Muir but I have puzzled over it until I learned about this nerve. During some filming with the Muirs that my husband and I did, I noticed some deep, moaning sounds she had made during her orgasms and ejaculation demonstration. Her mouth was wide open and the sounds were coming from down deep inside her abdomen. Making these kinds of sounds also causes a ‘pushing’ down or out, as in childbirth, of the pelvic floor and genitals, giving even better access to the depths of the yoni. You can even feel this when you are simply singing full-throated songs. The diaphragm pushes downward on the pelvis. I tried copying her sounds and had an immediate experience of multiple orgasms and female ejaculation that continued unabated for a long time. How and why would these conditions all work together to produce such extremes in orgasmic pleasure? Is the vagus nerve the ‘unusual’ suspect?

So, any thoughts or similar experiences would be interesting. I don’t care how speculative they are, I would love to know other’s thoughts on this subject.

Suzie Heumann


Prem said...

Very nice Suzie Ji, Namaste.

I follow your blog and have found many interesting reads. I myself a practitioner of Yoga, Tantra & Buddhist Hinduism as well and find all these phenomenon very interesting not only in a sense of physical but also in deeper psyche and you have been doing an excellent work for those who are timid and taboo in deeper ecstasy in their own sexuality. Keep posting, keep on educating, after all this is your purpose it seems. Prem

Suzie Heumann said...

Prem, Namaste,
Your comments are deeply appreciated. My 'larger' point is to connect body access to spirit and emotional depth to help others with personal 'ahah' moments that might spring up as a result of hearing about and combining different 'modalities' of experience. There is no substitute for a personal experience that then teaches the person about the next steps upward in a positive 'spiral'! Blessings

Kakoli said...

This blog is full of advice so, I pest your url in my blog. If you have any advice for me please send as comments.

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzie, Great site...I have been with a friend of mine and shared what another taught me about tantra...as we got further and further into breathing, sighing and moaning she suddenly changed the whole tone of her voice - instinctively it seemed- to this low toned primal sound the likes of which I had never heard anywhere before. Primal. We spent several hours building into this, releasing into an animal spirit presence. She has no trouble ejaculating either. One of the most powerful experiences of my life. I think sound has everything to do with it. The hardest part seems to get people to relax into the sounds...and not be afraid of what comes out or who hears. Aloha,R.

Maerina said...

According to my GYN female Dr,the only purpose for the uterus and cervix is for menses and childbearing,they have nothing to do with sexual feeling,in fact, she said the cervix has no nerves in it,you can stick a pin in it and feel nothing. She stated all you need is a clitoris and a g-spot and there you have all the nerve endings you need to have an orgasm. I am able to ejaculate like you demonstrated on your video and I have had a hysterectomy and notice no difference at all as far as the orgasms.However,I always did and still do need deep penetration and pressure on g-spot and clit stimulation to have those deep moaning ejac.orgasms though.

Sanand said...

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