Locate Your G-spot!

Here's an easy clue to understanding where, in your yoni (vagina), the G-spot is. Take your clean thumb of your dominant hand and place it in your mouth as if you were going to suck your thumb. Feel for the ridge area just behind your upper teeth. This will feel bumpy. Just beyond this area your thumb will go deeply towards your upper palate area. Back up just a tiny bit to the wall between the two areas. Press very firmly here and notice a sort of bump right in the middle of the wall. That spot is analogous to where your G-spot is in your yoni. It is amazing that the structures are so very similar from mouth to yoni and (pet theory) I believe that this area may have some very erotic functions of its own. It may be connected by nerves to the upper lip in women and the ancient Taoists say that sucking the upper lip of a woman, while kissing, will turn her on. The soft palate is also the place where meditators and Tantrikas place the tips of their tongues to transmit and circulate energy.

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Thanks for the great post, Suzie! I'm looking forward to more great info about kama sutra and tantric sex.