Tantra is a way of being in and of the world. In the Tantric view all life and every aspect of creation including sexuality is celebrated and held as sacred. Loosely, Tantra means to 'weave', to weave the world together. The supreme goal of Tantric philosophy is to come to the realization and understanding that everything is everything. That there isn't any dualistic aspect to life. That we are all 'one', The One - you, me, rocks, dogs, trees, children, water, spirit, air, cancer, love, sex, men, women, emotions - you name it, it's all One.

That's what is happening right now in our modern world. We are beginning to see that we have affected and infected out planet, that same place that supports us IS us. Saddus, Tantricas and Shaman are all beginning to speak of the Hindu concept of Time - the 4 Yugas or periods of universal time. We are in the Kali Yuga, the last, bad time period before the earth, and its beings, come around to the Beginning time again.

Things are quickening. Many discoveries are being made and with the speculation about the advent of 2012 in the atmosphere one begins to wonder if the Hindus are on to something. Not to scare you but "We are the ones we've been waiting for!" is beginning to look pretty appropriate.

What to do about it? Open your eyes and look around you. What can you do to rock your world? What conscious transformations might occur if you went out of your way to help others more? What if you began to see your lover as a Goddess or God all of the time, not just when they are doing something you want them to do for you? What if you decided to donate more of your salary? Or volunteer at your local food bank? Or...practice consciously witnessing yourself more so that you might transform your speech patterns, or anger or the narrow way you need to be pleasured or... You get the picture.

Open yourself up and say "Yes" more to the things that might seem like a stretch to you. Expand yourself to receive more pleasure or give more time to your children or your lover or even at work. Try it and see if the Universe supports you. Watch and witness what happens and with that feedback shift and do it again so that you are honing the new skill set you want to have.

Your life is magical if you want it to be. We use a tiny amount of our brains and bodies and souls. You have much more capacity than you know. I'm not talking about adding stress to your life. I'm talking about finding ways to transform it. It's an on-going project that is your life. The Hindus say that the very most important thing you can do with your precious life is to find out what purpose you were put here for and DO IT! Give yourself away in a way that is satisfying to you. You will blossom and grow in exponential ways!

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