Female Ejaculation - Do you do it?

In the early 1980's co-eds reported that about 10% of them ejaculated during sexual orgasm. A more current response has that number at more than 40%. This percentage even went up when the women were queried anonymously. I wonder if just knowing it is possible or once you've heard that other women do it is permission given to go for it yourself? Why has this number increased so rapidly?
Many women are still embarrassed by it and don't understand what they are experiencing. Female ejaculation happens in small quantities and larger quantities. It happens through G-spot stimulation and clitoral stimulation. It has been confirmed that strong PC muscles (do your Kegels gals!) strengthen the connection between stronger orgasms and ejaculation in both men and women.
I became an official ejaculator when it was mentored to me by Caroline Muir. We were filming with her and Charles many years ago a sequence for a film on female ejaculation. That night I tried imitating her sounds while in orgasm - deep, resonate tones from the belly - when all of a sudden I was gushing. I haven't stopped since. I just had to know it was possible and mentoring is a great way to learn, especially for such a topic!
Do you ejaculate? If you do, do you have any tips, suggestions, concerns or ideas for helping others or just commenting on what it is like for you and how you feel about it? I'd love to hear from you about any of these topics. email me!


imbunatatire said...

regarding male ejaculation :P...

I've heard that garlic increases ejaculation power and taste.

Is this right?? Don't joke, cus if true, i'd really go to work every day smelling bad :P


Suzie Heumann said...

Garlic is an immune system booster and overall health tonic. It has been implicated in stronger smelling and tasting semen, however. I don't know about volume of ejaculate except to say that if you are healthy you would potentially ejaculate more (evolutionary imperative!).
Garlic is so powerful it was/is considered a sort of medicine in Ayervedic (Indian) science. You don't eat it until you are ill and then you eat a lot of it.
If you want to increase your ejaculation volume it is helpful to abstain from ejaculating, though go ahead and have sex, except for every three or four days. The volume will build up a little over the days you don't come. You can learn to separate ejaculation from orgasm so you don't have to miss out on the orgasm.

female ejaculation guide said...

I think its great that people are becoming more open-minded about talking about this sort of thing. I think its pretty cool. Some people think its pee but its not. Good tip on male ejaculation too Suzie. I think that I have heard that garlic increases it, but I'm not sure. Yours takes willpower though ;)