A Little Powerful Breath Exercise

It’s 11:30am on Wednesday. You’ve got a 1:00pm lunch appointment, there’s that call you need to make and the report due before lunch, and YOU KNOW you’re at your best in the morning.
You take a deep breath into your belly and close your eyes as you feel your breath fall back away from your body. Imagine a moment in time when you melted under the touch of your lover. When every fiber of your being was focused and suspended in ecstasy.
Imagine that feeling now, noticing the warmth of your genitals. Begin slowly squeezing your vaginal muscles, pulsing and feeling your passion grow. Bring your mind to stillness, as you pump, and hold the vision of “I am perfection”.
Pump a little faster and breathe a little faster - 100 pulses.
A last, deep breath in, hold, hold – and as you slowly release the breath, feel your passion and gratitude for all you have wash over you like a Hawaiian waterfall.
11:35am – Wow – five minutes! Refreshed, turned-on, pumped-up and completely confident – you move powerfully into accomplishing your commitments!
-Work up to 200,
-Add 20 s-l-o-w- ones,
-Try this sequence on your lover,
-Do it anytime you need to access your sexual energy!
Try this sometime and let me know what happens. It's a good practice to wake you right up! Send me feedback please.

Tantra – weaving life, love, consciousness and sex – 24/7.

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