From the early followers of the Kama Sutra to today’s sexologists in-the-know, the art of Pompoir is well-known for its benefits. Health, wellbeing and erotic pleasure are just some of the extras it offers.
Pompoir is the art of squeezing his parts with your parts. To learn this ancient art first learn to do Kegel exercises. Those are the sexercises that strengthen the PC or Pubococcygeal muscle – that muscle that starts and stops the flow of urine. The benefits are numerous: easier childbirth, bladder control, erotic self-stimulation without genital contact and, of course, more pleasure for you and your partner during intercourse.
Once you’ve got Kegel exercises down, surprise him during lovemaking with “The Squeeze.” Vary the sensations by exploring thrusting patterns that incorporate shallow and deep penetration along with the gripping and letting go. With some practice you'll be able to tell the different areas inside your Yoni and your orgasms will increase in strength too.
Some women can even learn to hold so tightly - they will have their lover begging for mercy!


Anonymous said...

Suzie, I am a 58-year old female who has not had a sexual partner for over 7 years. I feel that I have learned an incredible amount about myself sexually in these years of being without a partner. I have been very sexually active, in an autoerotic way, in these years. It is very interesting to see how many men are sexually attracted to me when I spend plenty of time being sexual by myself. I am very interested in learning the art of pompoir. Beyond strengthening one's pubococcygeus muscles, I understand that it is important to learn to isolate the circumvaginal muscles to truly learn how to milk and fondle the penis. Is there any source of explicit instruction in this art? Is there a book that is very detailed? Are there teachers in the United States who teach this? Are there teachers in other countries? Thank you for your help. I enjoy your blog very much. G

Vilma Cacciaguerra said...

Hi, Suzie,

I´m Brazilian and I have an Orkut community about pompoir teaching. I guess I could help you, I have some lessons nobody else does, so feel free to get in touch with me whenever you want. I´d be glad to help you. My email is vcacciag@uol.com.br

The title of your email to me must be POMPOIR, ok?

Hugs from Brazil!