Foreskin, Thrusting Patterns and Slowing Down

Ever wonder why the penis has a head on it? Why isn't it just a smooth surface all the way to the body? Yes, the foreskin has to attach somewhere and foreskin does protect the sensitive tissue there but the Taoists have another idea about it. It’s there for more pleasure – a woman’s pleasure.
Notice that the top side of the penis, at the head, is a little thicker than the under side.
In sex positions where the two lovers are facing each other, it’s this top area that rubs against the woman’s G-spot on both the in and the out thrusts. Remember that the G-spot, or G-area, is only about 1 to 1 ½ inches inside of her yoni. On the out stroke, during intercourse, the man's foreskin is pulled slightly, back over towards the head, and bunches up against this thick ridge area thus creating more bulk. A very slow out-stroke is the connection point for G-spot orgasms.
With this in mind, adopt some new thrusting patterns that take this into account.
Shallow and sloooooow is the name of the game, here. So try this pattern based on nines: Start with 8 thrusts shallow and one thrust deep, then 7 shallow and 2 deep until you get to all deep thrusts. Then reverse the pattern: with 8 deep and 1 shallow until you get to all shallow thrusts.
Guys, this techniques will help you last longer, too, while focusing your attention on her pleasure. You’ll begin to be able to ‘read’ her reactions and arousal better and tune your lovemaking to bring her to ecstasy every time. Gals, this is the kind of detailed information that most men respond to. Share it with your guy, even if they are circumcised, there is big benefit to slowing down on the out-stroke!
Send me reports on how this works for you.


TLC Tugger said...

Excellent tip. (no pun intended)

If your male partner is circumcised, he can re-grow slack skin to get the natural rolling/gliding function of a foreskin. He can grow about an inch of new skin per year and most cut guys need 2-4 inches to be covered. Google "non-surgical foreskin restoration."

If he doesn't want to restore, he can just wear his existing skin over the glans 24/7 to regain suppleness of the glans and inner-facing skin. This will allow him to slow down during intercourse and focus on his partner. Google "foreskin retaining cone."

Anonymous said...

Do most uncircumcised guys leave the foreskin over the glans during sex? I'm uncircumcised, but I roll it back completely, and it catches behind the ridge around the base of my glans. Can't imagine sex with my foreskin covering it. Would be like a blindfold.